Kim Kardashian's Wacky Hair Must Have a Reasonable Explanation (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Sheesh. Why does being beautiful have to be such a pain in the rear end sometimes? I know she's kind of known for her long, lustrous locks (among other things) -- but wait until you see what was going on with Kim Kardashian's hair in New York City yesterday.

No, she didn't cut it. And no, it doesn't appear as though she's changed the color for the umpteenth time.

Instead, she was spotted walking around in the bitter cold with her hair all wet and slicked down onto her head.

No joke. Check it out.


Kim Kardashian

Whaaaaa? Ok, so this has to be some sort of high-end salon treatment to make her hair look more fabulous than ever -- because there's no way Kim would be caught dead in public with a wet mane. (Am I right?)

My money is on some sort of hair mask, or deep conditioning treatment, or maybe even one of those keratin treatments where you can't wash your hair for like five days. (That would explain the greasy effect.)

Whatever the case, it's safe to say we can expect Kim's locks to look pretty incredible in the coming days. I'm guessing whatever she had done cost a fortune, so I'm sure she'll be more than eager to show off the results.

What do you think Kim did to her hair?


Images via Instagram; Pacific Coast News

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