Dean McDermott Says It's Tori Spelling's Turn to Get Treatment

Tori and Dean Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have every intention of making their marriage work. This won't come as a shock to anyone who's watched any one of their reality shows. Whatever their difficulties may be -- and lately those difficulties have been considerable -- they are in their marriage for the long haul. Even if that means weathering Dean's alleged infidelity.

He's out of rehab now, but that doesn't mean their problems have been magically solved. While Dean has admitted that he has a lot of work to do to fix the pain he caused, there are two parities involved. Dean, having presumably taken a lot away from his time in rehab, now has a request for Tori. He wants her to try rehab too!


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Don't worry -- this isn't Dean's way of dropping a sex scandal bombshell about his wife. Dean wants Tori to go to rehab to address her extreme spending issues. Being the daughter of a woman known for her prodigious shopping habits, it's not surprising that Tori can get a little crazy with the shopping. I mean, fans know that she started a store with contents from her storage unit.

We can only imagine that in this time of stress, Tori's been shopping more than ever. Frankly, she can afford to! Though people keep whispering about her being nearly "broke," Spelling-broke means she's "only" got a million dollars in the bank. Yeah. They'll be fine money-wise.

They are also on track to be fine relationship-wise too. Dean asking Tori to address her spending means that he's finally opening up about stresses in the relationship that probably contributed to driving them apart. If Tori is willing to cede this point to Dean, and if they continue to be open and honest with each other, the healing will continue.

Do you think Tori will go to rehab?


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