Pippa Middleton's Surprising Confession About Kate Middleton's Wedding Day

Pippa MiddletonShe pretty much stole the show at Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding, and now Pippa Middleton has revealed a secret about that day that kind of came out of nowhere.

Remember how we gasped when Kate stepped out of the car in front of Westminster Abbey? Then, in the next breath, we felt our jaws drop to the floor after catching a glimpse of how Pippa's dress perfectly hugged every square inch of her body?

Yeah, well, it turns out she was well aware that the frock was a bit on the fitted side.


According to The Mirror, Pippa spoke out about the dress while giving a recent speech, saying:

As I have found, recognition has its upside, its downside, and -- you may say -- its backside. In ­retrospect it fitted a little too well.

Allow me to translate that statement into less proper terms. "Yes, I'm aware that the dress totally hugged my ass, which then wound up with its very own Twitter account. And even though I'm trying to be humble about it -- I know I have a great ass."


It's ok, Pippa. You looked hotter in that bridesmaid dress than any bridesmaid in history. And if that's what you wind up being known and recognized for throughout the course of your life? Who the hell cares?!?

Own it, girl.

Do you think Pippa is truly embarrassed by the attention she received for wearing that dress?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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