Kate Middleton Gets Adorable Custom Gift for Prince George (PHOTOS)

t-shirt for prince georgeLooks like the Duchess of Cambridge isn't the only one Queen Elizabeth II has been showering with lovely gifts. The 87-year-old monarch will soon be handing off an adorable custom-made t-shirt to Prince George, created by St. John's Wood-based artist Cindy Lass.

As you can see, the beyond cute tee (left) features a colorful, "child-like" depiction of the Queen's beloved corgis Linnet, Monty, Holly, and Willow and dorgis (cross between corgi and dachshund) Cider, Candy, and Berry. The painting -- screened onto the tiny garment -- is actually already hanging in the palace.

Lass created the size 1 year t-shirt with the front featuring the cherished dogs and the back sporting a print of a crown, also created in her signature style, and sent it onto the Queen, thinking it may be nice for Prince George. But little did she know that it would most definitely make its way to the heir!


t-shirt for prince george back

Soon after sending the tee, Lass received a letter back from one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting with a thank-you and assurance that the tee would be given to Prince George.

Lass explains to us exclusively:

I thought [the little t-shirt] would be sweet for [the Queen's] great-grandson. When I got the letter back saying she loved it and would send it on to Prince George, I showed my mum, and she was really proud. Then, it hit me -- [I'm] going to have the future King wearing one of my images! It felt good!

So wonderful! What an honor for Lass, and what a precious, special gift for the future King!

What do you think about the custom tee?

Images via Laraine Krantz, art by Cindy Lass

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