Kim Kardashian Trashes Khloe's Style in Mean-Spirited Rant

kim khloe kardashian instagramNo matter how well the public gets to know the Kardashian sisters, there seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to compare and contrast them. Who has the better butt, hair, post-baby weight loss results, etc.? Ugh. Well, one fan on MobioINsider touched on a point of contention that you'd think was a bit less controversial, asking Kim recently, "Which sister has the best shoes?"

And Kim took the opportunity to get straight-up nasty, dishing about the sister with what she considers the "ugliest" shoe wardrobe.


Kim's response:

I'm answering this in hopes Khloe sees this lol. Khloe & I fight every single time I go to her house bc she has the most shoes. She is a shoe border [sic]. She will buy the same pair of shoes in 5 colors. She keeps the ugliest shoes u have ever seen! It literally puts me in a bad mood thinking about it.

Ew! I get that the sisters joke around with one another all the time, but Kim seemed intentionally set on ripping Khloe publicly. So unnecessary!

She then went on to compliment Kourtney, mom Kris, and little sisters Kylie and Kendall:

Kourtney has the best mix of shoes. My mom has great shoes. My little sisters have lots of boots and flats, which are cute on them, but flats aren't my thing. Sooooo I'd say everyone has very different shoe taste. I really like my shoe closet.

Of course she does ... Hope Khloe can just roll her eyes at her older sis, because we all are!

What do you think about Kim's catty words for Khloe?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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