Juan Pablo Is Too Hurt to Find True Love on 'The Bachelor'

juan pablo The Bachelor is doubling up on episodes now that the show is reaching its conclusion. With the show's end and the final rose on everyone's mind, it begs the question: Is Juan Pablo even close to making a choice? Regardless of how he's feeling, the dude's going to have to answer some pretty big questions in the weeks and episodes to come.

The biggest, of course: is there anyone left he actually wants to be with in the long term? Although, as Chris Harrison said in a recent interview, that might actually be harder for him than anyone expected -- and not just because the dude so clearly enjoys having 'the make-outs' with many different broads on the regs. 


Juan Pablo is having a hard time moving past Sharleen. Frankly, he shouldn't have been that surprised by her departure. It's not exactly like those two had, uh, a strong emotional connection, you know? Yes, they enjoy bumping tongues together, and sure, according to Juan Pablo, she had "mundo" (which, lol). But it didn't take a genius to realize that Sharleen wanted out practically from go. Juan Pablo, though, is apparently still reeling, at least, if Chris Harrison is to be believed:

Essentially, he was dumped. That hurts your ego and confidence. Suddenly all those insecurities -- 'Are they all going to leave? Do they really love me? Where is this going?' -- come to the surface and make you question everything. He's only human. It rocks the foundation. We've all fallen for that person that didn't fall for us.

Sharleen was a truly unique cast member, and we don't blame Juan Pablo for feeling so low. But his bruised ego begs the question -- will he be able to heal in time to make a decision and open his heart up to a real love match? Chris Harrison makes it sound like Juan Pablo might as well be ruined for love. If that's the case, is there even any point to watching as these final episodes roll out?

Do you think Juan Pablo is capable of finding love now that Sharleen is gone?


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