Kim Kardashian Goes Topless for Post-Baby Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

kim kardashian laser stretch marks breastsNo matter how many angry tweets she writes denying butt injections, Kim Kardashian's obsession with plastic surgery and undergoing all sorts of cosmetic procedures seems to be spiraling out of control. Not only did she step out looking like she was sporting a brand-new face yesterday, but on this week's ep of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we saw her go to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian to get a laser procedure on her breasts to eliminate stretch marks. She then lasered scars on her leg and even her toe.

Okay, so maybe that's something that's easy to understand being self-conscious about. But how about inquiring about the possibility of having something done to "tighten" and elongate her hands, because she's "like obsessed" with them, lamenting, "I think they look really wrinkly!"


It actually makes my heart hurt for a her a bit. Can you imagine how poor her self-image must be ... or how bored or self-involved she must be to be fretting about something like that at 33 years old?

Ah well ... The way Kim sees it, these are just "the things she does for beauty"!

Here's the clip from the show if you missed it ...


What do you think about Kim's obvious obsession with cosmetic procedures?


Image via E!

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