Miley Cyrus Feels the Same Way About Her Playing Tinkerbell as We Do

Miley CyrusFresh off their, uh, 'success' with their adaption of The Sound of Music featuring Carrie Underwood, NBC has decided to bring a staged production of Peter Pan live to a television in your general vicinity. Okay, cool, fine, whatever. So far, so boring. Until you hear who they've got in mind to play the role of Tinkerbell. Why, it's none other than miss Miley Cyrus. Commence to screeching, y'all. I shall conduct your merry chorus of "put your tongue away, Tink" and it shall be a thing of beauty. Eat your heart out, Philip Glass.

But for now let's all check our indignation. Because it sounds like Miley's just as eager to participate as we are to have her do so. By which I mean -- not at all. Rather than politely refuse the role or deny interest in it, Miley said something kind of outrageous that left no doubt as to her true feelings.


Miley was super-eager to slam rumors that she was joining the cast in the role of Tink. In fact, she was so eager that she vented her feelings about the gossip on Twitter. Because of course she did. Miley said that she'd rather "choke on her own tongue" than play the part. This is a potent statement given just how much she loves not just being alive, but also her own tongue.

Sure, Miley's not the right fit for the role, plus she's only just started a tour and probably doesn't have the time for even the limited commitment. But why is she serving up such massive doses of haterade? She's acting like a wronged party, like she wanted the part, went for it, and got shot down. Whatever has her lashing out, she should check the bad attitude. Also her tongue. I'm just saying.

What do you think is behind's Miley's wrath?


Image via Instagram

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