Robert Pattinson Gives Lucky Fans a Treat They Probably Weren't Expecting

Robert Pattinson

Gah. Could he possibly get any more dreamy? Even though he must be so sick and tired of constantly being followed by photographers and mobs of people, Robert Pattinson still posed for photos with fans in Toronto -- who are totally geeking out over the fact that he's shooting Life there right now.

Considering what a huge movie star he is, he could so easily just roll his eyes, ignore the crowd of onlookers, and head back into his trailer in between takes.

But being the gem of a dude that he is, he stopped to say hello to fans and got all cozy for pics with them -- which you KNOW probably made their day. Or month. Or year.


Wouldn't you absolutely freak if you ran into Rob while he was shooting a movie and he came within 20 feet of you, let alone stood right next to you and smiled for a photo?

(OMG. Can you imagine? Your Facebook friends would lose their shiz if you posted a shot like that.)

Hmm. On that note, maybe we should all think about planning a long weekend trip to Toronto in the hopes of catching a glimpse of our favorite hunk.

Are you at all surprised that Rob is always so gracious to his fans?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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