Lea Michele's Steamy Photo Shoot Shows Another Side of the 'Glee' Star (PHOTOS)

Lea Michele V Magazine Terry RichardsonThere's no arguing that Lea Michele has certainly been on a path to find herself since the unexpected loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith. Breaking away from that Rachel Berry, good girl stereotype -- the 27-year-old songstress is coming into her own in all aspects of her career. First, with her first solo album Louder, coming out in stores this week. And now? By revealing a sexy, sultry side even some of the biggest Glee fans have never seen before.

The "Cannonball" singer recently channeled her inner vixen for a hot photo shoot with controversial celebrity photographer Terry Richardson for V MagazineAccompanying a story called "Lea the Brave," Lea's new racy photos show a whole different Lea Michele.

Take a looksee, here:


I told you they are steamy.

It's a little alarming at first to see Lea like this. I mean, it's no secret that she has a totally rockin' bod. (hello, how many of Lea's gorgeous bikini photos have we seen in the past?) But still, these are Lea deliberately trying to be sexy. This is Lea growing up. Lea being a mature woman.

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And to that, I say good for her. Being Rachel Berry -- that was something that framed Lea's career, but that's not who she is. Now as time goes on and the singer finds herself, she's entitled to be playful and even a bit promiscuous. Let's just hope she doesn't go all Miley Cyrus on us.

What do you think of this racy side of Lea Michele? Too much, or no big deal?


Images via MsLeaMichele/Instagram

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