Kim Kardashian's New Face Will Convince You She Has a Problem (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Rumors about whether or not Kim Kardashian has had more plastic surgery are kind of running rampant lately, and until today? I didn't totally believe them. Sure, it's obvious that she's had a little work done here and there, but I didn't really think she was addicted to nips and tucks or anything like that.

But then I saw a brand new shot of her that was taken today in New York City, and now I'm pretty convinced that Kim is a little more into the whole anti-aging deal than any of us ever imagined.

Are you ready? Check out her face!


Kim Kardashian

OMG! What the hell is going on?!?

To give you a little perspective, the photo at the top of this post was taken by Kim a week ago. A WEEK ago. And now look at her! Her skin looks all pulled tight and she seems to have this permanent shocked expression going on.

Maybe ... just maybe she's really stunned by the cold in the city. But if she did have a little bit of this or that done while she's in town? Ugh. (Why Kim? WHY?)

I really hope she comes to her senses soon and realizes that she's gorgeous just the way she is and doesn't need to try and turn the clock back. Like not even a little bit. If she keeps going down the plastic route, eventually she's going to get to a place where she doesn't even remotely resemble Kim Kardashian anymore. (Nobody wants that.)

Do you think Kim had more work done?


Image via Instagram/Splash

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