Robert Pattinson Can't Quit Nasty Habit He Shares With Kristen Stewart

robert pattinson smoking on the set of his new movieLooks like Robert Pattinson seems to have resumed a nasty habit on the Toronto, Canada set of his new flick Life. Looking like he could be the stand-in for Jon Hamm on Mad Men, with a clean-shaven face and slicked-back 'do, Rob got into Don Draper mode in a different way ... He was photographed puffing away on a cigarette -- not on, but off-camera, during a break. Ugh.

Wasn't it just last summer that he had supposedly "quit smoking for good"? Hadn't "working out ... helped him tremendously with regard to quitting smoking," after splitting with notorious on- and off-again smoker Kristen? Guess that's not the case anymore ... What a bummer!


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Sure, it can be difficult to keep up a healthy routine while shooting a film. Especially one that takes place in the '50s when everyone smoked like chimneys, which makes a perfect excuse for him to "get into character" by doing so, too. And I'll bet Rob's surrounded by cast and crew who are unapologetic smokers. But still. How disappointing to think he may have quit but fallen off the wagon.

Here's hoping it's not a sign he's fully hooked on cigs again. Maybe it was just a temporary slip-up ... or a fake cigarette used in the movie? Because smoking is one nasty habit from his KStew days he could definitely do without.

How do you feel about seeing Rob smoking again?

Image via Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

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