Kim Kardashian Isn't Dumb Enough to Wear Real Fur -- or Is She? (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianDoh! Check out this photo of Kim Kardashian in a fur stole, which was taken as she headed out with Kanye West in New York City. Paired with leggings, a leather coat, and heels, Kim looks every bit the glamorous woman that she is.

But OMG are people going to go nuts over her wearing a dead animal draped around her neck, or what?

(If it's real, of course.)


And somehow ... I'm guessing this thing is as fake as fake fur gets. Duh. Kim is a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. Why would she wear something like this knowing she'd totally piss of PETA, not to mention her sister, Khloe Kardashian, who went on a little anti-fur rant about a week ago.

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I mean, do you honestly believe Kim would wear something to intentionally offend a family member? Somehow I highly doubt it. But then again, stranger things have happened in the past with the KDash crew. Huh. This one's a toss up for sure. (But my money's on fake.)

Do you think Kim is bold enough to step out in real fur?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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