Cressida Bonas & Kate Middleton Are Getting Way Too Close for Comfort

Cressida BonasYou guys? The Queen really isn't going to like this when she gets wind of it. (If she hasn't already.) Apparently Cressida Bonas is basically living with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, which is about as improper and un-royal an arrangement there is.

I mean, I know that Prince William and Kate Middleton lived together before they got hitched -- but not at the Palace, for crying out loud! (At least they had their own pad off in the middle of nowhere.)


And it's not like Cress is merely shacking up with Harry and then doing the walk of shame every morning. Get this one -- she supposedly has security clearance with all the guards and stuff.

She "comes and goes as she pleases," and while she isn't technically living there, she stays at Harry's place most nights of the week.

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And you gotta wonder how Kate feels about having her bro-in-law's girlfriend making the rounds on her turf. She and Prince William and the baby just got settled into their new Kensington Palace apartment, and now Cressida is right next door, ready to borrow a cup of sugar, or whatever?

Don't get me wrong, I totally get that Harry is a hot blooded British male -- but unless he's really, really serious about this relationship, he might want to think twice about letting Cressida run free around Palace grounds. (Put a ring on it before you clear out a dresser drawer for her, Har.)

Do you think Cressida staying at Harry's place is appropriate?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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