Kate Middleton Will Listen to the Queen If She Knows What's Good for Her

kate middleton with queen and prince philipDespite appearing perpetually polished and elegant, Kate Middleton has suffered her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions. Back in November, her skirt flew up in a Marilyn Monroe moment, which the Duchess is unfortunately no stranger to. (Who could forget when the skirt of her yellow Jenny Packham dress took flight?) But when she heads to Australia for the highly-anticipated upcoming royal tour, she'll hopefully have some new tricks up her sleeve to avoid similar embarrassing moments. Tricks from her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, of course!

The Queen has reportedly taken the Duchess "under her wing" to give her crucial tips for the historic visit, hoping to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and prepare Kate for other experiences she's undoubtedly about to encounter Down Under.


One courtier tells The Sunday Express:

Above all, the Queen regards Catherine as the perfect partner for William, and she thinks they are a great team. She doesn't want to see a repeat of Charles and Diana when they toured Australia, and the crowds were only interested in meeting Diana. Most importantly, the Queen can pass on her knowledge of the countries, their cultures, histories and the dos and don'ts of what to say and not say.

Hmm ... Not sure I understand how prepping Kate for this trip is going to prevent the crowds from only being interested in meeting her? But as fascinated as the world is with the Duchess, everyone loves William, too, so I don't see it being the same as with Charles and Di anyway.

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At any rate, royal insiders say that in addition to the Queen and Kate discussing her wardrobe (which we reported a while back), the Queen has offered her granddaughter-in-law tips such as having small lead weights sewn into linings to prevent those "Marilyn Monroe" whoopsies.

Sir John Major also tells the paper that Kate is learning from the Queen's "humanity and humor," elaborating:

It isn't easy suddenly to find yourself the focus of world attention. It takes a lot to get used to but she has very good advice. People forget the Queen may be a monarch but she's also a mother and a grandmother and a very human person. Of course, she wants them to be successful and of course she offers help and they'd be foolish not to take it. ... One can see what a good relationship exists.

How sweet! And fortunate for Kate to have that bond with the Queen -- especially going into such a high-profile trip!

What do you think about the Queen's advice for Kate? Do you agree Kate's lucky to have such a good relationship with her?

Image via Optic Photos, PacificCoastNews.com

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