Robert Pattinson's Reunion With Ex Isn't What It Looks Like

robert pattinson set torontoRobert Pattinson fans who are still holding out hope for a reunion with Kristen Stewart were biting their nails last week upon hearing that Robert Pattinson was visited by ex fling, Caitlin Cronenberg, on the Toronto, Canada set of his new film. Could it mean they're hooking up?! DatingNoooo! Well, Robsten fans, take a chill pill, because rumors about romance here have been quashed. 

A source tells that Rob and Caitlin are just "great pals. There isn’t anything happening between them. She just happens to be a girl that he is friends with, nothing more.”



What's more, Caitlin actually tied the knot with lawyer Geoff Grove in September, so she's a newlywed! ... Not that that necessarily means anything in Hollywood, but still. Consider how she addressed rumors about Rob in The Globe and Mail in August 2013:

When I first started reading rumors about myself on the Internet, it did bother me. You realize that something is on the Internet and anyone can read it. Now, I really don’t care. People can say whatever they want about me. I know what’s true. The guy that I’m marrying in five weeks knows what’s true and that’s all that really matters.

Sounds like we more safely assume there's no spark -- at least currently -- with Rob. And thus, the door is still open for him to be with Kristen!

Are you relieved to hear Rob and Caitlin are most likely just friends?

Image via Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

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