Kendall Jenner's Bitter Gesture Could Be a Message for Harry Styles (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner

Geez. Even though she should've been having the time of her life at the Miley Cyrus concert at the Staples Center in L.A. on Saturday -- Kendall Jenner flipped off the camera in a pic posted to Instagram by big sis Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe captioned the photo with, "Bangerzzzz!" -- whatever the heck that's supposed to mean. And now we're all totally curious as to what Kendall was so ticked off about -- or who she was possibly sending a message to.

Duh. Of course I'm gonna go there.


But before I give my little theory -- here's the pic.

Kendall Jenner 

Uh ... way to be subtle, Kendall.

Sure ... she could've simply been goofing off with Khloe (and Kourtney, who was also in attendance.) But given the fact that the news broke this weekend that Kendall and Harry Styles have split -- is there a possibility that she was sending him some sort of message? (Um, of course there is.)

Kendall is usually pretty confident and cool -- but who wouldn't be just a little bitter after breaking things off with a member of the biggest boy band in the world?

Ahh. Young love. It's the pits sometimes.

(But lucky for Harry, Kendall isn't a songwriter -- so he probably won't get much grief from her going forward.)

Do you think Kendall was goofing off, or honestly flipping "someone" off?


Image via Instagram/Instagram

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