Kim Kardashian's Latest Sexy Outfit Shows She's Clearly Confused (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianSurprise, surprise. Even though she was in New York City this past weekend, Kim Kardashian donned an all white outfit and heeled sandals for an outing with Kanye West -- leaving us to wonder if she was a bit preoccupied when she packed her bags.

Yes, she looks stunning. As usual. And it's definitely not out of character for her to forgo the pantyhose even in chiller temperatures. (Hey, at least she's wearing a coat, right?)

But let's focus on the fact that she's wearing nothing but white. Ok, so the "no wearing white in winter" rule doesn't really exist anymore -- or at least no one enforces it. Wearing white from head to toe in the middle of the Big Apple, however, is a seriously huge risk.


Um ... isn't she the least bit worried about getting dirt on that dress and ruining it forever? That thing is basically a magnet for leftover sand and slush from the last few snowstorms -- not to mention whatever else she happens to brush against on the busy streets of the city.

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And how about those heels?!? Dang. It's hard enough walking through New York in anything other than orthopedic shoes, but those things? Sheesh! All I'm saying is that I hope Kim knows how to avoid sidewalk cracks and metal grates, otherwise there's a decent chance she'll head back to L.A. with her very own set of crutches.

Yeah ... she's definitely a braver soul than the rest of us being able to pull off this ensemble. But she might want to think about saving it for the west coast from here on out.

Would you wear something like this in the city?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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