Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner Split in Least Shocking Breakup Ever

kendall jennerUhoh, looks like not all is well in One Directions/Jenner Land. Reports are flying that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have broken up after three months of dating. Seems that they just got too damn busy for each other. A source told The Sun, "Kendall has been focusing on her modeling and Harry is preparing for work on the band's fourth album, as well as their stadium tour." So "the reality is that with everything they both have going on, it's impossible to sustain anything serious."

Seems a tad abrupt, especially since they went skiing over the holidays, and Kendall threw Harry a birthday party in California.

Still, though, it seems they had to break up due to their crazy schedules and that they're still friends. This should be thrilling news for anyone drooling over the One Direction star!


Sadly, looks like Kendall is now just another name on the list of Harry's famous exes, including include Cara Delevingne, Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift, and Emily Atack.

Kendall, though, has only been linked to Harry and her high school boyfriend, Julian Brooks, who reportedly cheated on her. But between launching a handbag line, posing on magazine covers, walking the fashion runways, and attending Miley Cyrus concerts, as well as having her family around for constant support, there's little doubt Kendall will bounce back quickly.

This is also probably a good time for Harry to focus on his music career, as the band was furiously denying rumors that they too have split up. So much going on in these young people's lives! No wonder it's difficult for them to maintain any kind of relationship. And come on, Harry's 20 years old, while Kendall is only 18. They have the rest of their lives to find the right partner and settle down.

And who knows, neither party has confirmed a breakup, so this could all be speculation (it ain't lookin' good, though). But since the two are so young and seem to have so much going on in their lives, no one should be particularly surprised if they did in fact separate.

Do you think Harry and Kendall really broke up? Who should either of them date next?


Image via kendalljenner/Instagram

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