Ray Romano Makes Fatal Mistake When His Wife Asks About Threesome (VIDEO)

There's never a right answer to some questions wives may ask their husbands. "Does this make me look fat?" comes to mind. Another tricky topic to navigate is anything having to do with sex and her friends.

Ray Romano was on Conan on Wednesday when he told Conan O'Brien that he recently made a fatal mistake when his wife hypothetically asked him whch of her friends he'd like to have a threesome with.


There's probably no right answer to this question, but there's certainly a wrong one, and Romano definitely flubbed it.

Take a look to see his hilarious response to his wife's threesome question.

Ha! Yes, if your wife wants a hypothetical threesome, she presumably wants to participate too.

Have you ever asked your husband which of your friends he'd be into?


Image via Team Coco/YouTube

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