7 of Hollywood's Hottest Secret Couples (PHOTOS)

ryan and evaEva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are infamously private as a couple. That's why when rumors began circulating the duo had called it quits, it was easy to believe. After all, they hadn't been photographed together for over three months, and in recent interviews, Mendes had been more than cagey about whether or not she was even in a relationship.

Recently released photos, however, make it clear that the couple is very much still that -- a couple, that is. With Ryan and Eva, I feel like we'll never know their status until they tie the knot. And even that will happen on the super down-low. Would you expect them to behave any differently? Answer: No, ma'am. 


They aren't the only couple in Hollywood who kept their relationships under wraps until they made it to the altar and got a ring on it. Here are some other A-Listers for whom mum was the word when it came to their love lives. 

Can you think of any others to add to the list?


Image via Splash News

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