Kate Middleton Has Yet Another Thing We All Want but Can't Have

Kate Middleton

We want to look like her. We want to dress like her. Oh heck ... we want to BE her. And now the Duchess of Cambridge has something else the rest of us have no chance of getting our hands on. (At least for now.)

Remember that adorable "Prince George" necklace Kate Middleton was spotted wearing? You know, the gold-plated one with his name on it that also has cute little heart and baby charms?

(SO sweet.)


Yeah, well if you were thinking of purchasing one, you're outta luck. Kate's mommy necklace is officially sold out -- which didn't take too long after the pics of her wearing it surfaced.

I know. Surprise, surprise.

Gah. I'm sure the company who makes the necklaces, Merci Maman, will restock their supply as soon as possible now that the piece is in such high demand -- but for now? We can add it to the list of things Kate Middleton has in her possession that we only wish we could wear.

Not that we're jealous or anything. It's just that she always seems one step ahead of the game as far as sporting the most stylish and chic accessories and clothes on the market goes.

And I guess that's why she's royalty and we're all just ... regular moms who can't even manage to score a replica necklace to save our lives.

Will you buy one of these necklaces once they are in stock again?


Image via Merci Maman

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