Robert Pattinson Receives an Honor No One Saw Coming

Robert PattinsonWell, ladies and gentlemen? It's official. Robert Pattinson has an asteroid named after him. Yes ... an asteroid. Like a big hunk of rock floating around in outer space that may or may not smash into Earth and wipe out our existence someday.

As crazy as it may sound, a Russian astronomer decided the 1.4-mile-wide rock's original name, 2009 DM89, just didn't quite do it justice.

So he had it renamed 246789 Pattinson, and it's even been recorded in an astronomy registry and everything.


Dang. Who knew that Rob had such die hard fans all the way over in Russia?!?

And it's not like this dude named his first born child after him or anything -- but having your very own asteroid is still pretty cool, and kind of an honor, don't you think?

Gah. Forget those lucky folks out there who happen to have stars named after them. RPattz totally outdoes them all with his big old nugget in space.

Do you think Rob will get a kick out of this?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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