Kate Middleton Will Have to Teach Cressida Bonas About the Price of Beauty

cressida bonasWhile tongues are wagging that Camilla Parker Bowles is on Kate Middleton's case about her flowing, long locks, a possible future Duchess is being feted for her free-spirited mane. Prince Harry's girlfriend, heiress Cressida Bonas, usually looks like a flower child plucked right out of the crowd at Woodstock -- in the best, most glam way possible, of course.

Apparently, her signature "cool rather than conservative" style is also extremely inexpensive and low-maintenance, reports Vanity Fair.


Regulars at RealHair salon say Cressida goes for regular appointments every six to eight weeks (just so she never has split ends). A source at the salon confirms Cressida was in recently and shared, "When Cressida comes in she says, ‘I want it blown out, but I don’t want it to look like I got it done.’” And apparently, she has a top stylist, but "only pays $250 for a relatively quick cut and blow dry."

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While that may sound steep to us, consider the fact that Cressida's potential future sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, was rumored to have dropped $984 on her most recent "Method" haircut and hair "makeover" in December.

Guess the price of beauty skyrockets when you're officially a royal, eh? May be something Kate needs to give lil' Cressie a heads-up on at some point! Still, may not matter. A "pal" explained how the two women differ with their style preferences:

Cressida is all about low maintenance and looking stylish with minimal effort. She likes to be low-key and she is pretty laid back when it comes to her appearance. Kate is meticulous about her hair and makeup, but Cressida just sticks on a beanie hat and maybe a bit of lip balm.

And that's supposedly one reason Prince Harry -- "who likes his girls blond and ready to paint the town red in minutes -- not hours," according to VF -- adores her. Pfft! Will be interesting to see how that works out if Harry pops the question, and Cressida's suddenly under the same pressure to look as pulled-together as Kate!

What do you think about Cressida's laid-back style? Do you think she'll have to change if she becomes a Duchess?


Image via Danny E. Martindale/Getty

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