Kristen Stewart's Latest Move Is a Desperate Cry for Rob's Attention

Kristen StewartWell, this is kind of odd. Would you believe that Kristen Stewart is in Nashville directing a music video this week? Yes ... I said directing a music video. As in she apparently has mad skills that go way beyond lighting up the big screen.

Photos of her filming with the band, Sage + the Saints, turned up on Twitter -- and she really does look like she's all serious and living in the moment.

Oh, and Sage is a good friend of hers, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she asked Kristen to direct this vid since it's something she's obviously interested in.


Check her out in this photo, looking like she's taking charge and giving orders.

Kristen Stewart

Who knew she was so creative?

Wait a second. I think I know what might be going on here. Apparently Robert Pattinson is recording a solo music album -- so maybe Kristen thinks by showing him she also has career goals that go beyond acting, he'll be intrigued? Or maybe she's hoping he'll ask her to direct his music videos too? It's one more thing they have in common ... right?

Whatever the case, Kristen definitely seems to be broadening her horizons a bit. If nothing else, at least she's not sitting around moping over the fact that she and Rob are maybe probably never getting back together.

Do you think Kristen will make a good director?


Images via Pacific Coast News/Twitter

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