Kim Kardashian's Career Officially Run by Kanye Now & Kris Jenner Is ANGRY

kim kardashianIt's a well-established fact that Kris Jenner is the puppeteer of the Kardashian clan -- particularly when it comes to Kim. Kris is the person who wheels and deals all things having to do with her daughters, and whether you like her or not, up until this point, she's done a pretty good job. Kris, although she can be grating, is a damn good momager.

So it's no wonder she's super pissed that Kanye West has officially taken over Kim's career.

According to reports, Kris has been "frozen out" of all business matters concerning Kim. It's Kanye's world now. And unlike Kris, who had her daughter seize every opportunity that came their way, Kanye is having Kim "cut her magazine and media appearances by a shocking level." And it's supposedly leaving mama Kris going bonkers. 


A source said, "His goal is to get people to respect Kim and take her seriously -- it’s basically the same kind of thing he did when he was launching his rap career after being known primarily as a producer." He apparently wants Kim to get to the "next level," as he's said.

Hmm ... doesn't sound like a very good idea. I mean, he's swooping in and directly butting heads with his fiancee's parent. Not exactly the way to win over the fam. But then again, I don't really think winning over Kim's family is Kanye's big concern.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will last?


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