OMG! Kim Kardashian's Baby Clothing Line Is SO Cute! (PHOTOS)

kardashian kidsWell, I've gotta say: I'm thoroughly surprised. A sneak preview of the Kardashian Kids Kollection has hit the interwebs and OMG! It's so cute! The Kard-kash-ian sisters just recently announced that they were expanding their clothing line to include baby clothes, which will be sold exclusively at Babies R Us, and now we're getting a sample of what they've got -- and it's super adorable. Also, to put it frankly, not very Kardashian. Well, save for the leopard romper.

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I assumed that there was going to be lots of lace, dark colors, and bling on the baby duds, but in fact, they're just the opposite. All of the clothes seem to have a light, airy, almost ethereal feel, which is perfect for babies and toddlers. Whether you're a Kardashian fan or not, the clothes are super cute, guys. You can try to deny it all you want, but it's the god's honest truth.

kardashian kids

Would you dress your baby in Kardashian klothes?


Images via Kardashian Kids

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