Grandma Slamming 'Frozen' for Being Pro-Gay Needs to Let It Go

Because apparently all things need to have an agenda these days, one grandmother has voiced a controversial opinion over the most popular kids’ movie of the moment.

LDS blogger Kathryn Skaggs, of A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, took great issue with what she determined to be the homosexual agenda of Disney’s Frozen. Yup, the visual and auditory masterpiece that has already grossed a reported $378.3 million domestically alone is just one giant push to indoctrinate your kids into a pro-gay culture. Or something.


Skaggs draws parallels between Elsa’s inability to control her power to being gay. She even makes a comment to “make what you want” out of her role as queen. Get it? She’s gay, therefore she’s the queen? That is quite a stretch in this writer’s opinion, but to each their own, I guess.

On the one hand, I can almost see how Skaggs arrives at her conclusions -- but only because Frozen is so relatable to anyone struggling with pressure from others or even ourselves to be something we’re not.

The reason the song "Let It Go" is so popular is because we ALL have things that we try to hide about ourselves until we just can't anymore. I sobbed like a baby when I heard that song because it reminded me of my crappy marriage.

Just like a gay person may feel tremendous pressure (real or perceived) to be straight, I was overwhelmed with the need to “be the good girl I always had to be.” Good girls don’t make waves. They don’t get divorced. They don’t come out of the closet.

Anyway, by Skaggs' line of thinking, Frozen must be pro-divorce.

If Frozen has an agenda, the only one I can see is that people are happier when they’re real with one another instead of trying to pretend to be something they’re not. If that translates to some people as pro-gay messaging, then so be it. For me it’s just about love, acceptance, and redemption.

Do you think Frozen is secretly gay propaganda?

Image via Disney

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