Kim Kardashian Won't Ever Stop Defending Kanye West's Outrageous Comments

Kim KardashianWe've heard of standing by your man, but this is just ridiculous (picture me drunk and in a white leisure suit while writing that opening, like some old-school and terrible comedian -- one you might find on a cruise). Clearly Kim Kardashian loves Kanye West very much. She's had his kid, they're getting married -- this ain't no case of puppy love. But that hasn't stopped Kim from acting like a brainwashed high-school girl when it comes to talking about Kanye's outlandish behavior.


When stopped by TMZ recently, Kim accused their team of having, as Kanye mentioned, an issue with them as a couple because they're of differing races. Kudos to the TMZ crew for not dropping their cameras in a fit of eye-rolling so epic it could move mountains.

The logic Kim spouts is totally ludicrous. It's like she's not even thinking for herself. It's becoming clear that Kim runs the very real risk of losing herself in this relationship -- and she doesn't even seem to mind! It's actually kind of scary.

Do you think Kim's lost her voice in her relationship with Kanye?


Image via Instagram

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