10 Celebrities Who Completely Shocked Us By Having Kids

Kiri Blakeley | Feb 19, 2014 Celebrities

Simon Cowell became a dad at 54 years old after years of saying he didn't want children. Whether or not it happened on purpose (doubtful), Simon seems to have taken to daddyhood just fine (until he has to change a diaper!). Simon isn't the first guy we've been shocked became a father. Whether it's because the guy is known as a player, or he's said he didn't want them, or he's not even in a relationship, Hollywood is full of dudes who suddenly became dads much to everyone's jaw hitting the floor. Here are 10 men we never really expected to become dads.

  • Simon Cowell


    Simon Cowell/Twitter

    Simon went 54 years without managing to become a dad until he met his good friend's wife, Lauren Silverman. The two created baby Eric while Lauren was still married. At first it looked like Simon might totally resent his sudden daddyhood, but now he seems to revel in it, posting almost non-stop about his newfound joy on Twitter.

  • Hugh Grant


    David M. Benett/Getty

    Hugh Grant was with the delectable Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years but managed to avoid dadhood. It was only at 51 years old that he became a dad for the first time, with a woman he described as being a "fleeting affair." Guess it wasn't that fleeting, because they had a second child in February 2013.

  • Steve Martin


    Jason LaVeris/Getty


    By the time a guy gets to be almost 70 without a kid, you'd think his child-free state is cemented. Not so with Steve Martin, who became a father at 68! This reminds me of that joke Billy Crystal cracks in When Harry Met Sally ... about Charlie Chaplin having kids at 73. "Yeah, but he was too old to pick them up!"

  • Ryan Phillippe


    Shareif Ziyadat/Getty

    Ryan was already dad to two children with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, so it's not like we didn't know he had daddydom in him. But no one -- least of all him, I imagine -- expected him to become a dad for a third time after he'd broken up with his girlfriend Alexis Knapp. But he did!

  • David Letterman


    CBS/Late Show with David Letterman

    Acerbic David Letterman isn't one who naturally screams "father material." But his girlfriend, Regina Lasko, finally gave birth to Henry an entire 17 years after they began dating! He only married her when Henry was 6 years old. And we know there was some shady stuff going in between!

  • Colin Ferrell


    Mark Davis/Getty

    Colin Farrell has always been footloose and fancy free -- dating everyone from Britney Spears to Angelina Jolie. But a fling with model Kim Bordenave resulted in son James being born in 2003. Another child, Henry, was born in 2009 with actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus. Relationship ended shortly thereafter.

  • Johnny Depp


    Michael Tran/Getty

    Johnny managed to avoid fatherhood throughout one marriage, three engagements, and a long-term relationship with Kate Moss. But then he met the one woman he wouldn't propose to -- Vanessa Paradis -- and had two children. They subsequently split up and he proposed to the next girlfriend, Amber Heard. Lesson: If you want a ring from Johnny, don't have his children.

  • Jeremy Renner


    Kevork Djansezian/Getty


    While Jeremy Renner is apparently happy to be dad to baby Ava Berlin now, the news reportedly came as quite a shock. Apparently he had had a "not serious" short-lived fling with Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, but as anyone who has taken biology class knows, one does not have to be "serious" to end up with a baby! The couple appear to be more serious now and began dating again after the pregnancy news.

  • Kanye West


    Kim Kardashian/Instagram

    While nothing could seem more natural now than Kanye West as father to little North West -- at the time he announced the news, it was like, Whaaa??? Kanye was known as quite the player, and his baby's mama, Kim Kardashian, was still technically married. Who even knew they were seeing each other? But Kanye couldn't seem happier. When he's not beating people up, that is.

  • Warren Beatty


    Paul Archuleta/Getty

    Warren Beatty might single-handedly put the lie to the old adage that men never change. Beatty was the biggest playboy of the 1960s and 1970s -- tearing through hundreds, maybe thousands, of gorgeous women. Nothing could get him to settle down until he met Annette Bening in 1991 on the set of Bugsy. The first of their four children was born when Beatty was 55.

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