Taylor Lautner Is Desperate for Attention

taylor lautnerWith his killer good looks and acting chops, it's not like Taylor Lautner has to do a lot to get attention thrown his way. But the guy has been out of the spotlight long enough that, as a recent appearance made clear, it's definitely getting to him. He was photographed at a recent event for Cartoon Network "pulling a Miley." No, he was neither twerking nor was he nude and riding a wrecking ball (and more's the pity). But Taylor was definitely trying to make sure all eyes were on him.


He was fannying about the stage (and beyond) with a big yellow foam finger that -- appropriately -- reminded everyone that Taylor is number one. Uh, yeah, we know, Taylor, and look forward to your future endeavors with bated breath, but maybe calm down a little? Not that it isn't cute to treat every event like it is a football game, but Taylor's antics seem just shy of being totally weird and desperate rather than beyond cute and quirky.

Do you think Taylor is being cute or weird?


Image via Instagram

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