The Family Talks to Cameras About Bruce Jenner's Sex Change

Bruce JennerFor someone with such an epic-sized rumor spinning around about them, Bruce Jenner has been pretty quiet. You'd think if the rumors about his supposed sex change weren't true, he'd have no issue making a simple statement to that effect. But Bruce's silence and altered appearance have done nothing but add fuel to the fire, and the rumor has gained traction. But one member of the family is speaking out about Bruce's secret, and it's someone who knows what they're talking about.


The surprise voice coming to Bruce Jenner's defense? Why it's none other than his estranged wifey Kris Jenner! Kris was quick to shoot down those rumors about Bruce as being just totally laughable -- and trust Kris, she knows a thing or two about laughable rumors. It's nice that Bruce has someone in his corner, even if it is slightly strange (we can't lie about it) that it's taken Kris a suspiciously long time to say anything about the rumors to begin with.

Do you think it's possible Kris started this rumor herself?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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