Kate Middleton's Crime-Loving Friends Are a Bad Influence

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton is every inch the royal. The idea of her doing something criminal is almost laughable! But you'd be surprised at what the folks she calls friends get up to -- and what they get arrested for! When Kate and Wills' dear buddy Till Bechtolsheimer was nudged on the dance floor, it apparently led to a full-out brawl that only concluded once Till's lady-friend -- who went to school with Kate and Wills -- broke a bottle on someone's head and was led away in handcuffs proclaiming her innocence! Whoa! Intense!


While Kate and Wills weren't present for this giant debacle (obviously they are far too classy to engage in such shenanigans), they've been close to Till and his family for years, even going to his sister's wedding in Switzerland! Yeesh, we know our two favorite royals are above reproach, but can they really afford to be associating with folks who behave this way? I would hate to see anything happen to potentially "sully" Kate's good name. Here's hoping the Duchess gives this part of her social circle a wide berth -- for the time being, anyway.

Do you think Kate's friends are bad influence?


Image via Instagram

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