Rob Pattinson May Walk Away From His Career & It's All Kristen Stewart's Fault

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Life in the limelight may have its perks, but it can also be extremely difficult. No one knows this better than our beloved Robert Pattinson. While Twilight and his romance with co-star Kristen Stewart thrust him into well-earned A-level star-status, it also soured the one constant love of his life: His acting career. Before he became uber-famous, he could pick and choose his projects. But now, it seems that all the scrutiny his blockbuster choices put him under have finally gotten to him. Rob is threatening to quit acting!


But Rob's move isn't prompted just by too much attention from giant roles, he's tired of his private life being quietly ripped apart -- especially his on-again off-again status with Kristen. It makes sense. How can they ever expect to heal the wounds of the past and move on when their every move is being examined?

Rob knows that leaving the camera behind forever isn't a possibility for him, but rumor has it he's going to do all he can to pull back and do smaller, independent projects instead of giant monster hits like the ones that earned him such acclaim. If he's doing it to be professionally happy, then he should rock on with his bad self. But if he's doing it to get Kristen back, that's just wrong.

Do you think Rob will really pull back or is he just being dramatic?


Image via Instagram

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