Camilla Parker Bowles Wants Kate Middleton to Change the Best Thing About Her

kate middletonOff with their heads! Yesterday, we found out that a renowned royal stylist thought Kate Middleton should cut off her signature locks. And now today we're hearing that Camilla Parker Bowles feels the same way. The nerve of these people!

Apparently, after a recent appearance of Kate's at the opening of an art room at the Northolt School in north London, where her long locks were blowing in the wind, the royal set grew angry with the Duchess and her glorious mane. According to a source, "Camilla has tried to help and advised her to go shorter and lighter. The royals always want to look smart and Kate is letting the side down. She has looked bedraggled recently and it’s not a good image."

Uh, bedraggled? Was that really a word used to describe the Duchess of Cambridge? I'll show you bedraggled if you want to see bedraggled, Camilla. Kate always looks perfectly poised and elegant and never appears to have a (long) hair out of place. 


I really hope Kate doesn't succumb to the pressure to chop her locks. If she wants to trim an inch or two, that's cool; but a short-haired Kate? That just doesn't seem right.

Do you think Kate Middleton should cut her hair?


Image via Instagram

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