Jaden Smith Reaches Out to Shia LaBeouf as ‘Fellow Crazy Person’

Jaden Smith reached out to Shia LaBeouf on Twitter Tuesday, and the entire thing was admittedly strange. Considering that both stars have been acting weirdly recently, it shouldn’t be too much of a shock, but at least only one of them is a teenager and therefore somewhat expected to act like a weirdo.

The 15-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith reassured the plagiarizing actor who supposedly retired from public life last month (after admitting that he may have copied someone else’s work) that he’s there for him if he needs a friend.


Or, as the case may be, a fellow insane person.

LaBeouf tweeted in January that he was retiring from all public life after it was revealed that he lifted material from graphic novelist Daniel Clowes for a short film. Then he paid a skywriter to scribe #StopCreating in the sky, and has tweeted almost daily since then, “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.”

Those tweets stopped February 9, with an “#IAMSORRY” on February 11, and another skywritten message on Monday reading “#StartCreating.”

Meanwhile, Jaden has come under fire for Twitter ranting himself in the not too distant past, mostly for complaining about school. You know, like normal angsty teenagers do.

I don’t know why Jaden “believes in” LaBeouf and his recent behavior, since he seems to be acting just a tad bit eccentric of late. Then again maybe the teen really does understand the 27-year-old actor. He’s sure acting like he never grew out of teenagerhood.

Do you think Shia LaBeouf is crazy?

Image via SplashNews.com

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