Kate Middleton Is a Godmother to One Lucky Baby!

kate middletonWell, if you're going to pick a godmother, and you're close with Kate Middleton, the choice seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? The Duchess of Cambridge was recently named one of four godparents to one of her close friends from college. "I think my usual congregation were surprised at who was joining us," said Rev. Dunstan, who performed the baptism. "My main concern was that I got the tone right for the family and for the baptism." He then added that Kate was "there as a godparent, not a princess."

The Duchess attended the ceremony with Prince William, as well as her 7-month-old son, Prince George. According to Rev. Dunstan, George as well as several other babies who were there were "very well-behaved."


I really can't think of a better person to have as a godmother than Kate Middleton -- and not just because she's the future queen. Kate is poised, respectful, and would set a fine example for a child -- particularly now that she's a mother herself.

Love hearing that Kate is still willing to do kind things like this for her friends. It shows how down to earth she's managed to remain during her reign. And even cuter? Prince William made the trip with his wife despite being the guest of honor at the BAFTA Awards that evening. Talk about an awesome fam.

Why do you think Kate would be a great godmother?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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