Bradley Cooper's White House Commando Story Is Sexier Than a 'People' Cover

Bradley CooperBack when Bradley Cooper was declared to be World's Sexiest Man by People, I threw a hissy fit about how the magazine got it alllllll wrong because Cooper, while attractive enough, definitely doesn't ooze sex appeal. Today, I'm admitting that I was wrong. I still think Idris Elba belongs at the tippy-top of any 'world's sexiest' lists, but now that I've seen Bradley Cooper talking about going commando at the White House, I kind of want to tear off his remaining clothes. With my TEETH.

Now hold on, it's not like I have a fetish for dudes who deliberately unleash their wieners around the president. (Although I would totally watch that porn. Freeballin' for Freedom!) It's just that there's one thing above all else that makes a man sexy in my eyes, and that's an awesome sense of humor. Cooper's Ellen appearance on Monday, in which he described his, ah, underwear-free Chief of Staff, is almost painfully hot in that regard.


It turns out that Cooper was getting dressed for a White House state dinner when he realized his tux didn't fit. He'd been beefing up to play Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in the upcoming American Sniper, and in order to get his pants past his own bait and tackle, he had to forgo undergarments.

I'm prepping for a new movie ... and nothing fits anymore. I wore the tuxedo I wore to the Golden Globes. I just sort of threw it in the bag and brought it and went to Washington, D.C., and then I'm getting dressed like 10 minutes before I was supposed to go and literally the pants go up to like here. So I had to go commando; number one, because there was no room at all.

Predictably, Ellen's audience went insane over this amusing confession, but check out the whole video to see how downright ADORABLE Cooper is:

I've seen him in interviews before and he always seems to be a likable guy, but his self-deprecating banter in this clip just really does it for me. Between making fun of himself for saying 'crazytown' twice and joking about what a total jackass he'd been about gaining weight for Wedding Crashers, well ... I get it now, People. He's a classically handsome A-lister who's also funny as hell and doesn't seem to have a giant ego and he's got a really, really, really great laugh.

Never let it be said I'm not willing to admit when I've made a mistake. I'm sure Bradley Cooper will be thrilled to know that a shlumpy 40-year-old mom of two from Eugene, Oregon, has finally signed off on that 2011 World's Sexiest Man honor. (You're still out of luck, Adam Levine.)

Are you a Bradley Cooper fan?

Image via Ellen

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