Royal Stylist Is Not a Fan of Kate Middleton's Mane!

Kate MiddletonFor 35 years, Denise McAdam styled the hair of the British royal family. Now she's retired from her position and can finally speak out, dishing the dirt on who was easy to work with, who was frightening, and who she thinks has the best hair in the Kingdom. While she loves Kate Middleton dearly and considers her to be a good friend, the comments she had to make about the Duchess's hair weren't exclusively positive. Which is totally insane! Has she not SEEN Kate's fabulous hair?


McAdam had the gall to call Kate's tresses "a bit overdone." Whaaaat? This seems like complete poppy-cock to me. She was speaking in particular about Kate's curls, which makes the statement twice as bizarre. If anything, the effortless, easy-looking, soft curls that have become Kate's trademark appear to be without flaw. It seems more likely that the stylist in question is just speaking out to get attention, which is pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Do you think McAdam is right or just being mean?


Image via Instagram

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