Kate Middleton's 'Prince George' Necklace Is Way Cuter Than the Crown Jewels (PHOTO)

kate middletonThere's cute, and then there's Kate Middleton wearing a Prince George necklace. That's right, you guys, the Duchess was spotted wearing a beautiful gold necklace with a charm that bore her son's name on it: George Alexander Louis. It's gorgeous -- and it's so not the kind of thing you'd peg a royal to wear. Way to break the mommy mold, Kate!


The necklace was reportedly a gift from her sister, Pippa, and it's from jeweler Merci Maman. The gold-plated long chain contains three charms on it: A mini-heart engraved with a "W" for Prince William (swoon); a circular pendant with "George Alexander Louis" (aww!); and a little boy charm (AWWWW!). The bauble, which has been nicknamed The Duchess Necklace (natch), sells for about $148 and comes in two different lengths, as well as silver- or gold-plated.

I love that Kate has some of the world's most expensive and lavish jewels at her fingertips, but she chooses to wear this. It not only shows that she's not concerned with image, it shows how important her family is to her.

What Crown Jewels? It's all about the Prince George necklace.

How cute is this?


Image via Merci Mamam

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