Selena Gomez is Getting Over Bieber With Help From This Boy Band Star

You didn't think a gorgeous, successful young gal like Selena Gomez was going to mourn the loss of Justin Bieber for too long, did you? Despite the sad news about her stint in rehab and hints of a reconciliation with troubled pop star Biebs, it seems Selena isn't sitting in her bedroom sobbing into her pillow over her failed relationship with Justin, like some of us thought. The singer crossed an ocean to hang out with a new cute guy in London -- and the lucky fellow is... One Direction's Niall Horan.


You can almost hear Selena's mom sighing with approval after she probably told her daughter a bunch of times she needed to get back out there and get over Justin. The 21-year-old is obviously a perfect match for any boy band star, as she shares a lot of the same professional experiences and troubles. And 20-year-old Niall, though not as crazy popular as fellow band member Harry Styles, seems sweet and down to earth -- two qualities Selena could definitely use in a guy right about now.

If you aren't sure which member of One Direction he is, here's a photo:

Absolutely adorable, don't you think?

Apparently, the two didn't try to hide the fact that they were on a date and even posed for photos with a few fans who spotted them. A far cry from Bieber egging his neighbor's house, you have to admit. I wouldn't make too much of this one date, and suspect Selena will play the field for a bit, as she should. But it's good to know she is getting back out there and is possibly dating guys who are a better fit for her.

Time will tell whether Selena and Niall plan to double date with Harry and Kendall Jenner. And who suspects this might be awkward for Selena's BFF Taylor Swift, who also dated Niall's bandmate? Which, in a way, kind of makes the whole union even more awesome.

Do you think Selena and Niall make a cute couple?


Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter


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