Angelina Jolie's Dad Forced to Leave His Homemade Valentine With Her 'People'

angelina jolieWell, this is just straight up sad. (Or is it?) Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, was spotted trying to deliver a homemade Valentine and some candy to his daughter and her family at their home on February 14th, but instead wound up giving the gifts to her bodyguard in the parking lot of Whole Foods. Womp womp. The exchange has sparked rumors that perhaps the two, who finally reconciled a few years ago after their famous falling out in 2001, may be on the outs again.


Another possible theory is simply that Angelina and her family are currently away, so Jon simply gave the Valentine to someone he knew would give it to them. It's certainly a possibility, as Brad and Angie were recently at the BAFTA awards in the UK, but still -- there's something inherently heartbreaking about seeing a dad give his daughter's Valentine to one of her "people." Especially when the card reads, "Happy Valentine's Day to my dear beautiful family. I love you! Love, Grandpa Jon."

It would be sad if Angelina and her father weren't getting along, as he's the only living parent she has left. But if they aren't, I'm sure she has her reasons. And, hey, maybe this DIY Valentine and candy delivery will help patch things up. Who can resist chocolate covered anything and a giant card with a heart on it?

Do you think Angelina Jolie and her father are getting along?


Image via Splash News

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