The Look Angelina Jolie Is Giving Brad Pitt Is Very Telling (PHOTO)

angelina jolieYou can tell the strength of a couple's love by the way they look at each other after six kids and almost 10 years together. You can really tell the strong feelings people have for each other when they wear matching tuxedos and still look longingly at their partner even after a not so attractive haircut.

Such is the not so curious case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Still in love, lust, and happiness after all this Hollywood kind of time. Check out the look Angelina's giving Brad. It speaks volumes.


This look Ange is giving Brad shows their bond, the admiration, the love she has for her sweetheart. Her face basically says oh my goodness I still find you sexy and trust you and think you are the best man in the world. Even with that haircut! Okay, I added that last part in because I am not liking that shaved sides look on Brad, but I'm sure it's for some movie role. To think most of the world was so hating on these two when they first got together. They said it wouldn't last. Le sigh. I'm glad it did. All the best, gorgeous, beautiful things to these two because just like everyone should be ... I'm in love with love.

Brangelina spent some time apart recently because of their filming schedules -- and I'm digging how they reunited like lovers do wearing these matchy-matchy snazzy get ups on the red carpet at the EE British Academy of Film Awards (or EEBAFTA for those who like acronyms).

No leggy entrance for Angie here who tends to love long flowing gowns. How sweet. And adorable. And in love they still are.

What do you think Angelina's look is saying?


Image via Splash

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