Charlie Sheen Actually Found Another Woman to Marry Him

Charlie Sheen is such an amazing catch for any woman, well, it's no surprise that one has finally snapped him up! Porn star Brett Rossi, 24, has confirmed that she is engaged to Charlie -- lucky gal! I wonder how many years it will take before he is calling her ugly names on Twitter like he does to his last two wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards? I wonder how many kids Brett will have that Denise will have to take care of?


Oh, but let me not be so cynical. Even men with horror-show emotional and addiction issues like Charlie deserve true love.

Charlie tweeted:


Sweet, right? I mean, I didn't really understand it, but presumably it was sweet? I don't speak Charlie Sheen. Someone please translate.

Anyway, this is totally better than the last time he proposed -- which he admitted was just a joke to give his his ex-wife Denise "a stroke." Yeah, the woman who took care of his two kids with ex Brooke Mueller for months.

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple. I hope the first big meltdown is at least a year away.

Do you think these two will make it -- for at least a year?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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