Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Gift is 1000 Times Better Than What You Got

If you're one of those women who received nothing more than a text message on Valentine's Day (I know a few), then you might want to skip this next story. Kim Kardashian got quite a VTD gift from fiancé Kanye West. He might have one helluva temper, but when it comes to the mother of his child, he's just a big old softie. Kanye gifted his lady love with no less than 1000 red roses for the romantic day. One thousand!!!


Kim delightfully posted a photo of herself lying on a white bed surrounded by the gajillion flowers of love. "A thousand roses" she wrote, thoughtfully leaving out the exclamation points. I suppose she didn't want to totally depress the rest of us.

Say what you will about Kanye, he certainly loves his baby mama. And you can see why Kim loves him -- he's got his charm. Really, what woman could resist this kind of thing?

Of course, Kanye has the means to make it happen. Not every guy can afford 1000 roses. I'm just wondering how that whole scene went -- did an 18-wheeler roll up with them? Did he somehow get Kim out of the house when they were set up? Of course, we have no PROOF there were really 1000 roses. You can only see about seven vases worth. But I have no reason to doubt Kim, because we know she always tells the truth. (Cough!)

Can you imagine how the house smells now? Mmm. Hope no one is allergic. Anyway, some flower shop is very happy right now. The owner can probably retire.

What did you get for Valentine's Day?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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