Kate Middleton Makes Fashion History

Kate MiddletonShe might be a relatively new royal, but our beloved Kate Middleton has already made the pages of British history. Now she's adding another chapter to the story of her life, and this one's all about the clothes. A museum exhibit in Scotland is going to feature some of the Duchess's thrilling threads as part of their study of the clothes of the royals. The exhibit itself goes back to Tudor and Stuart era England, which means that Kate has officially joined the ranks of some of England's most prestigious rulers when it comes to her clothes. 


Kate and her clothing are a logical addition to the exhibit. Anything involving Kate and her style are immediate draws and will surely bolster the exhibit's numbers. I know that I would be twice as likely to check out an already fascinating collection if it meant being able to take a gander at Kate's finery up close and personal. There's so much more to what Kate wears than her just picking up something and deciding it looks good. This exhibit goes into the politics and rules that dictate how a royal dresses the way they dress. Learning + Fashion = A true delight.

Would you go to this exhibit if you could?


Image via Instagram 

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