'KUWTK' Signs On for How Many More Seasons?!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians You can all breathe now, my little chickadees. The rumors that this season would be the last for Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Well they've been thoroughly shot to pieces. Our beloved clan Kardashian is going nowhere. They are staying safe and warm in the little colorful talking box in your home. All the better for us to stay privy to their delightful antics. Despite rumors that the show was getting the axe, news has surfaced that the familia has just signed a document that not only promises THREE more seasons of the show, but gives all the parties involved a raise. Cha-ching! Credit card swipe! Sound of doubloons landing inside a pirate chest! 


While we're all stoked to know that our favorite gaggle of realebrities aren't going anywhere any time soon, were they really hurting for a paycheck? I mean, no, right? Not that I begrudge them their big payout. They have to put up with a lot being in the limelight and should be compensated accordingly. But if they are really going to do three more years of the show to earn those dollars, here's hoping they know how to keep things interesting. My vote is casting Danny DeVito. 

Do you think the show has run out of steam?


Image via Instagram

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