Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again? (Kinda Seems Like It!)

kate middletonEver since Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George, rumors have been swirling around, claiming she's pregnant with baby number two. And I oft don't believe them. But. These new reports saying that the Duchess is pregnant again -- this time with a girl -- are kind of hard to ignore if you're a Kate fan.

The Globe is claiming that Kate is currently 14 weeks along but feels so great and so much different than she did with George (when she was hospitalized with extreme morning sickness) that she's sure it's a girl this time 'round. And while I'm not apt to believe trashy tabloid magazines, it is worth noting that the Duchess did spend a lot of time covering up her tummy with her purse today when she attended a royal event.

Just sayin'. (And just hopin'!)

Do you think Kate Middleton is pregnant?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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