Kristen Stewart's Hat Sends a Message Directly to Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart It is a fact universally acknowledged that Kristen Stewart loves hats. She loves them almost as much my cat loves Greenies and very nearly as much as I love pancakes (dude, that is a super-lot, FYI). However, she donned her latest piece of head-wear for more than purely sartorial reasons. Kristen's latest choice in baseball cap was a message she meant to send to one person, and one person alone: Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately for Kristen, I have my PhD in Sussin' Out KStew (with in a minor in Pattinson's Patterns) and I'm here to decode this mystery for all true believers in the eternal lurv of KStew and RPattz. 


The hat Kristen wore (paired with a charming ripped up t-shirt) reads, "Us Versus Them." She chose to wear it out just two days before the most romantic day of the year. Coincidence? Probably. But as a scholar and a gentlewoman, I am going to say IT WAS TOTALLY DELIBERATE. Kristen is sending a message to Rob. She wants him to know that no matter what folks say, she still considers herself to be in the weeds of love with him. Does this mean her resolve to 'play hard to get' is fading? Only time and future hat-choice can tell for sure.

Do you think Kristen's hat is sending Rob a message?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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