Rachel Zoe Is Obsessed With Robert Pattinson!

Rachel Zoe Rachel Zoe and Robert Pattinson are a totally unlikely couple. Especially given the fact that Rachel's got a husband and a family (to which anyone who watched The Rachel Zoe Project can attest). Still, the truth hurts: Rachel Zoe has a fever, and the only prescription is a heaping dose of Robert Pattinson. Luckily, it's the sort of fixation that won't destroy her marriage. Rachel doesn't want to bang Rob (any more so than the rest of us, anyway); she wants to be his full-time stylist. I'm picturing her pulling a Say Anything and standing beneath his bedroom holding up ties instead of a boombox. 


It makes sense for both parties. Rachel's surpassed notoriety and has become a styling legend. Name a celeb, and she's probably dressed them. It is, as she would say, bananas. But she never really dresses dudes -- and her hubby doesn't count. She's got her eyes on Rob as the first notable dude client she'd work with.

The relationship could work for Rob, too. He's been trying to shake up his image post-Twilight, and Rachel could totally help him do that in the way he's dressing, not just the roles he's playing. I think I smell a fashion connection. For those curious, fashion connections smell of equal parts vodka, cigarettes, and Mike and Ikes.

Do you think Rob should hire Rachel?


Image via Instagram

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